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Budget 2016: Impact of FDI in Real Estate Sector and Future Expectations

Real Estate sector has been stagnant and unregulated for years now. Rising prices of property, delayed construction, no clarity on Foreign Direct Investment and REITS, ghost buyers are some of problems crippling the growth of the sector. But with the various ambitious projects announced by the new Modi Government there’s a silver lining. As per recent government data, economic growth reached 7.4% in the second quarter of the current financial year, riding on a spike in manufacturing and a pickup in investment.

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Where it stands?
Globally positioning India as an investment destination and improving India’s diplomatic and trade relation, Narendra Modi’s foreign stints have helped India attract more FDI. From the nations he visited during the financial year 2014-15, India received FDI of USD 19.78 billion. Moreover, FDI in India increased by 27% in 2014-15 to USD 30.93 billion, said Anuj Puri, Chairman and country head at JLL India in his blog.

But a recent FICCI survey of the year 2015 (Impact of FDI reforms in the Indian real estate sector) shows how disoriented the sector still is. Though there has been overall growth in FDI in the sector, FDI in construction development sector has declined over the past few years. The following table shows that.


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